You are the CFO of a large academic medical center


You are the CFO of a large academic medical center and your organization is in the process of implementing a new electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) system. Several of your providers are complaining about conversion to the new EHR and PM system and are resisting change.

Review “Perspective 13.5: Financial Benefits From IT,” on page 616 of your Financial Management of Health Care Organizations text by Zelman, McCue, Glick, and Thomas (linked in Resources). This section discusses the benefits realized by Banner Health System when they invested in IT.

Conduct additional research on the benefits of IT and develop a presentation that you will give to all internal stakeholders to convince them to embrace the conversion. Complete the following:

  • Apply a cost-benefit analysis to consider potential profit and risks to your organization based on the experience of Banner Health System. Use Plowman’s spreadsheet “Cost Benefit Analysis Template” to display your data.
  • Utilize professional research to analyze opportunities for your organization based on potential profits and risks. Include a  discussion on improved quality of care that may be realized.
  • Devise a strategy to influence multiple levels of your  organization, especially providers. Describe at least two steps you would take to influence others and enlist endorsements for the conversion.
  • Identify the key stakeholders to gain support for this initiative and explain how you will gain their support.
  • Evaluate two state-of-the-art systems currently being used in other organizations that your organization may consider for this conversion.
  • Evaluate the strategic position of your organization after this IT implementation in relation to the use of technology such as hand-held devices, patient portals, et cetera.
  • Evaluate the probable expectations of your providers and patients surrounding this conversion.
  • Develop a strategic plan for this implementation based on the expectations of providers and patients.

Create a 15–20 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the above points.

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