Write about Organisational Behavior

Organisational Behaviour

Assessment 1 (worth 50% of your overall mark)


You are working as a HRM manager for a large organisation and the HRM Director has asked you to prepare a recruitment and selection strategy. The strategy should be for a senior management position.

In a 700 word report ( +/- 10%) critically evaluate your strategy including whether this strategy would be successful. You need to create key documents that you would use and include these within an appendix to support the report.

Outline of task

The scenario is based on you working as a HRM manager for a large organisation (choose a large organisation and create a recruitment strategy for a senior managerial role or a director level role) – needs agreement from your tutor for all students to do different companies.

You need to prepare the documents that are to be used in your selection and recruitment strategy and explain the key stages for your strategy

(Note: These documents and your recruitment strategy plan should be in your appendix and need to be created first before you write the 700 word report)

You need to cross reference with your appendix to support your analysis and evaluation.

Compare the purposes of the different documents that you intend to use in the selection and recruitment strategy of your organisation.

Critically evaluate your recruitment strategy (including the documents created) and why your strategy will be successful

 How useful are the key documents and could they be improved?

You need to cross reference to support your argument

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