Write about gender discrimination in the workplac

Now I need Phrase 2, is Annotated Bibliography, I will upload Phrase one and instructions. Phase 2 (5-7 pages, 150 points)—- Annotated Bibliography A minimum of 12 sources is required for a “C” paper (75%). No more than 1/3 of the references may be internet-based. I need 20 sources for Phrase two My phrase one paper talked about the discrimination in the workplace, the paper introduced many categories discrimination (gender, age, religious, disability, and pregnancy-based discrimination…), but professor wants my research paper only focus on one area discrimination, he suggested I talk about gender discrimination in the workplace (when talking about gender discrimination, can talk a little bit pregnancy based discrimination because it relates to gender..) So, my paper will only focus on gender discrimination, so I want most of my sources about gender discrimination, and No more than 1/3 of the references may be internet-

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