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Please create a report in a ppt file. It should include messages you want to deliver about antibiotics with at least two charts hat support your messages. You do not need to address everything about the dataset. However, you should emphasize your messages in the report. The report has title, label, legend, and/or annotation if needed. The charts are ones you redesigned according to Tufte’s principles, not default chart(s) by Excel shown below. DELIVERABLE  Electronic file: 646_yourname_assignment5.ppt  Submit all files through Assignment link before next Monday. Late submission penalty will be applied. OBJECTIVE To make a report using Excel chart(s) with your message you want to deliver to me. This assignment is designed to make sure if you understand Dashboard design you learned last week and Tufte’s design principles you learn this week. DATA REQUIRED • Assignment 5 Antibiotics.xlsx UNDERSTAND DATASET After the World War II, antibiotics were considered as “wonder drugs”, since they were easy remedy for what had been intractable ailments. To learn which drug worked most effectively for which bacterial infection, performance of the three most popular antibiotics on 16 bacteria were gathered. The values in the table represent the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), a measure of the effectiveness of the antibiotic, which represents the concentration of antibiotic required to prevent growth in vitro. The reaction of the bacteria to Gram staining is described by the covariate “gram staining”. Bacteria that are stained dark blue or violet are Gram-positive. Otherwise, they are Gram-negative. Following graph is an example of visualization with the dataset. This graph has no message highlighted. Hint: You should create ideas to allow comparisons of values with graphs. There are two obvious ideas for comparisons: you could compare data of two selected time-intervals, or you could compare the selected data against overall averages. You should create at least two alternative information visualizations designs that would allow these comparisons. Requirement 1: Create a report ppt file with at least two information visualizations. This assignment consists of two parts – analysis and sketching, in order for you to perform the assignment. Below show only guidelines, so you do not need to show that you followed the guidelines. HINT FOR ANALYSIS Take a look at the data and the example in the assignment. Consider users: Who would be interested in using this visualization? 1. Think all user-types that you can come up with. Prioritize the user list and pick up one or some for which you design. 2. What potential domain tasks could be interesting for the different user types? 3. Think about how the user tasks relate to basic visualization tasks. What is the fundamental basic visualization task we need to address here? A couple of pointers specific to the dataset and comparison tasks: 1. Think about how you could select multiple time intervals. When you change the selection (for subset of the data), the values and scales change. 2. Consider different approaches: you could use multiple views, or you could integrate all the information in one view. 3. Consider deriving data, not just juxtaposing the data from two selections. HINT FOR DESIGNING Design alternative visual representations for representing the data and the tasks you identified. You may design for an interactive system by inserting Excel Slicer. Then, you may note the explanation on your design feature near the visualization(s). Here are some points you should consider: Experiment with fundamentally different strategies. Try separate views, views showing derived data, try integrating the data in one view, think about alternatives to bar-charts, etc… I believe your first draft version of charts give you further questions such as • Is this value higher than average? • Is this value higher than a month before? • How did the value change over time? • Is the ratio between this value and its’s left neighbor constant over time? 

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