what are the three types of horses that medieval knights used and for

Lyrical Essay (an academic defense of a creative work by its author) 3 page (minimum) 3 secondary sources (minimum) MLA format First person is preferred Suggestions for Secondary sources: Other works that you like reading or that talk about the same things that you do in your creative work (the fractured family in the Simpsons and the Harry Potter series) Interviews with authors you admire Statistics, case files, charts and graphs (what gender/race/class level/age is mostly likely to engage in self harm, the Sleepy Lagoon murders of the 1940s Los Angeles) Historical information (what are the three types of horses that medieval knights used and for what type of work: rouncey, charger, destrier) Components of a Lyrical Essay: Your writing process Your influences and favorite works Your background (education, ethnicity, cultural info, location info) What you wanted to do with this work? How did you want to affect your read? What did you want them to learn? Creative Component Genre: poetry (at least five pieces of serious poetry), short story, Familiar Essay, chapter of a longer work (like a play or a novel), drama (one act play) 5 pages (minimum) MLA format

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