Violence and Drugs – the Intersection of Terror and Crime

Assignment #1 Violence and Drugs

– the Intersection of Terror and Crime Historically, we have long considered organized crime and terrorism to be two distinct activities – one seeks to profit from the existing political system; the other seeks to change it. Accordingly, while each form of organization may employ violence there was thought to be little similarity in how or why they did so.

For your assignment, begin by reviewing the Ted Talk linked to below. Then prepare a written discussion of the role(s) of violence in organized crime and the intersection between the violence employed by organized crime and that of terror organizations. In your paper consider the multiple roles of violence as a: • Product, • Marketing tool, • Organizational strategy, • Means of insuring loyalty, • Means of settling contract or business disputes, and • Tool for influencing law enforcement and other legal challenges. In preparing your paper, you may want to include the perspectives offered in the works that you have studied in the methods of Al Capone and Pablo Escobar that are relevant to the topic. Of course, your paper should be well documented, typed, and double-spaced. It should be neatly done (observe all rules of citations, margins, etc.) and no longer than 10 pages in length. Proof read your paper carefully since points will be deducted for spelling, typographical, or other errors. The project is due by February 20th.

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