TOPIC: indigenous Latin American If you are anxious about producing

 TOPIC: indigenous Latin American  

If you are anxious about producing creative work or a poster presentation, you may work individually to write a typed 6 to 8 page ess.. further exploring a major theme we have studied in this class; The pap.. can be, for example, an analysis ess.. of a particular literary work, artwork, artistic movement, or cultural/historical trend we have studied that adheres to MLA writing conventions. Regardless of your approach, you will want to produce a new argument with new research. Do not give a summary of the texts and how others viewed/received it; do not write a biography of the author and how his/her life influenced his writing, etc., and do not rehash information we have already studied. Instead, advance a topic or come up with something new. Provide a claim and support that claim with primary and secondary sources.


  1. A 6-8 page (minimum) ess.. advancing a new claim/thesis (see above). 
  2. The ess.. must include further research and secondary sources to complement and support your brand new argument; cited correctly in the ess.. and in a well-formatted works cited page. The works cited does not count towards the page count.
  3. You will virtually present your proje.. to your classmates in an online gallery in week 15.

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