To synthesize and concisely articulate your internship tasks/accomplishments in written


To synthesize and concisely articulate your internship tasks/accomplishments in written format, as well as understand growth & build awareness about professional skills and development.

Instructions: Write a final report to document your growth during your internship and its application to your future career goals. The report should be approximately three pages in length (0.5” margins, 11pt Arial, double-spaced) and clearly divided into the following sections:

General Information Section 

  • Explain your role and how your work contributed to the company 

Technical Skills (maximum one quarter-page sized picture/diagram) 

  • Document the technical experiences you had during your work experience and discuss technical problems that you assisted in solving 
  • Give examples of the principles learned through your coursework
  • Indicate any courses or subject areas that might have enhanced your work performance 
  • Do NOT include confidential information from your employer. 

Development of Professional Skills 

  • Describe team and leadership building opportunities on the job 
  • Address the ways in which you practiced oral and written communication on the job
  • Share the challenges you faced in the work environment and how you responded to those challenges
  • List and describe skills you relied on to complete your work assignments


  • Discuss whether or not you met goals set out by your supervisor or that you set for yourself
  • Evaluate your performance of assigned projects, noting both areas of strength and improvement


  • Summarize by addressing the impact of the work experience on your education and career goals
  • Provide two “lessons learned” to share with any student that is considering an internship

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