this is due tomorrow. About half page is ok for

this is due tomorrow. About half page is ok for this. Full page not needed. 

you can choose to read the book attachment or glance it 

Do the following: 

 Choose a quote from the reading that stood out to you as interesting, important, or particularly meaningful.

 Write out your response to the quote. You may respond to one or more of these questions: Why did the quote stand out to you? What does it mean? Why is it significant or meaningful about the quote? Can you think of any examples from your own life that connect to the quote?

An effective way to respond to a quote is to include a phrase that references the quote or the author, usually by naming the author and then providing a verb. Here are a few examples:

Here, the author illustrates that . . . 

In this quote, the author argues . . . 

Kimmerer points out that  . . . 

So basically just select 1 quote from the book then write a response to it using the above requirements. 

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