The Scope of the Opioid Crisis in Guilford County

Description What Would You Do? You have just been hired as an intern at a local non-profit organization that provides health services in low-income neighborhoods. Increasingly, the community you serve has been asking questions about the rise in opioid deaths in North Carolina and Guilford County. Your supervisor wants to begin partnering with local efforts to address the community’s questions, but they need to know more details before they begin reaching out. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a report on activity in Guilford County over the last year regarding the opioid crisis. The purpose of this assignment is to test your health literacy skills and your ability to translate complex health information into more usable content for a general audience. In preparing a report, you will need to research and build your content. You will also need to think about formatting and how you will translate your research into a final document. Building the Content Your supervisor shares a press release from the NC Governor’s office as a starting point. The press release has some 2005 compared with 2015 data. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. They ask you for the following information: Is there any more recent data? What do we know about the problem in 2018? Is there any city-level information? Is the problem worse in Greensboro or High Point? What are the major newspapers and tv stations in the area saying about it? What are the City and County governments saying about it? What are the colleges and universities in the area saying about it? Are there any major partnerships or programs that have emerged to address the problem? Who are some of the key contact people? What resources can we connect our community to? Are there any recommended communication strategies that we can adopt? Are there other model programs out there (in other communities) that we can learn from? You will need to consult multiple sources to gather this information, and you will need to include weblinks to everything that you find. Your supervisor would also like you to include any infographics or other quick-reference guides as attachments to your report. Preparing the Report Reports are useful in that they provide synthesized information in a few short pages. They rely on good organization of information, quick readability, and strategic headers. In other words, you can’t simply copy & paste the 10 questions into a Word Document and quickly answer them. Here’s a quick link to some suggestions on how to prepare a report: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Here are some examples of headers or sections that you might use to organize your report: The Scope of the Opioid Crisis in Guilford County Key Resources for Communities These are just examples – you should come up with your own way of organizing. It’s ok to use these examples, but you’ll likely need more than two categories of information (more like 5-7). As you finalize your report, think carefully about the readability. You don’t want huge paragraphs of information that are difficult to reference quickly. You want short paragraphs and sentences, full-sentence bullet-points, graphs & tables, and other easy ways to reference information quickly. If you’re looking for an A on this assignment, these are the kinds of details that will get you there.

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