The Pacific Air War – 7th December 1941 to 9th August 1945

 Description Please be more specific and use as much citation in essay. Topic Two: The Pacific Air War – 7th December 1941 to 9th August 1945 – The war in the Pacific against Japan was essentially the first ‘air war’ where Allied strategic policy was based on gaining air supremacy in order to bypass Japanese occupied areas and gain ‘landing strips’ from which to attack Japan. This included naval operations where aircraft carriers replaced battleships as the ‘capital’ ships of the fleets. In your essay, using examples from air battles or campaigns of the Pacific War to ILLUSTRATE your discussion, DESCRIBE how the Allies used air power and its characteristics to defeat the Japanese. [Remember the word count, the Pacific War covered vast distances over a number of years and involved many battles and campaigns, so you may need to narrow your focus to particular battle(s) /campaigns to get sufficient substance into your essay].

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