The memo will be to an imaginary policy decision maker

The memo will be to an imaginary policy decision maker based on the topic of Housing Discrimination[1] or Gentrification.[2] Housing Discrimination can take place, but not limited to, those holding housing

vouchers, same-sex couples and transgender people, families with small children, racial and ethnic

minorities, and people with disabilities. Gentrification is a form of neighborhood change that occurs when higher-income groups move into low-income areas, potentially altering the cultural and financial landscape of the original neighborhood. In the most recent decade, gentrification has been manifested in the “return to the cities,” with redevelopment and investment in many downtown areas of the nation.

*Helpful Links

(Housing Discrimination)


Memo to the President: Reform Health Care

(Sample 1 The Brookings Institution, “Memo to the President: Reform Health care)

(Sample 2 The Stanley Foundation, Center for a New American Security, “Policy Memo)

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