The Impact of Terrorism on the Criminal Justice System: Capstone

Preparing the Thesis for Submission A thesis must have a substantial research component, present an original argument using proper academic writing conventions including carefully documented primary and/or secondary sources, and should be roughly 50-100 pages, double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font. The margins should be set as outlined in Appendix 4 of the End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies. Left margin: 1.5 inches Right margin: 1 inch Top: 2 inches Bottom: 1.25 inches The thesis should contain the following elements: Introduction. Identifies your specific research question and sets the general context for the study. Statement of the problem or general research question and context leading to a clear statement of the specific research question. Background and contextual material justifying why we should study this case or topi Purpose statement. Literature Review. Reviews the literature on a specific research question. The literature review focuses on discussing how other researchers have addressed the same of similar research questions. It introduces the study and places in larger context that includes a discussion of why it is important to study this case). It provides current state of our accumulated knowledge as it relates to your specific research question. It should include a short conclusion and transition to the Theoretical Framework section. Theoretical Framework. The theoretical framework section develops the theories or models to be used in the study and shows how you have developed testable research hypotheses. This section includes a discussion of the gaps in the literature and how your thesis will address those gaps. It will include a justification and explanation of the theory or model that is used in the thesis. Research Design. Describes how you will test the hypothesis and carry out your analysis. It describes the data you will use to test your hypothesis, how you will operationalize and collect data on your variables, and the analytic methods that you will use, noting potential biases and limitations to your research approach. Findings/Results/Discussion Reference List. Reference the works that you have cited (direct quotes or paraphrases) in the text. This must be in APA format. If APUS Institutional Review Board (IRB) is required, evidence of IRB approval should be submitted as a separate document within this assignment folder. Keep in mind that appropriate stylistic formatting and documentation are the student’s responsibility. Student papers that do not follow the prescribed style rules will not be accepted. The student and professor shall coordinate the process for the student to submit and receive feedback on draft thesis sections. The student is also encouraged to ask other APUS faculty and professionals and leaders in their field of study to volunteer as thesis readers and provide feedback on draft thesis sections where these faculty members and professionals may have special expertise. For example, a student’s graduate research methods instructor may be asked for feedback on the thesis’ research design.

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