Chapter 5: Conduct a transition analysis. Summarize the internal labor market and highlight any trends or forecast gaps. Based on the transition probability matrix, calculate how many new full-time sales associates should be hired externally. Calculate the number of applicants needed to acquire the number of new hires you forecast. Use multiple sources of data to describe the current and future labor market for retail salespeople. If you forecast a gap, determine whether the gap is temporary or permanent. Make some recommendations to address the gap. Chapter 6 Rank order the recruiting sources based on their ability to maximize the company’s staffing goals. Provide recommendations on how the Internet might be more effectively used to source and recruit applicants. Conduct a Boolean search to source two promising applicants using the Internet. Include the search engines and exact Boolean commands used. Provide information about your two leads in an appendix. Justify each recommendation. Determine how Chern’s can improve the diversity of its applicant pool.


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