Social Dance Forms

Identify one social dance form (as chosen from list provided) and summarize the history, development, and present day influence of the form via a Powerpoint presentation. You will also be required to show the dance form to the class- you can either film yourself performing the dance, or find videos of the dance to put into your powerpoint. The presentation should, at minimum, explain the following: 1) How, where, and when the dance developed 2) Who helped develop the form originally? Who are the people that danced this form? 3) How has it evolved in relation to changes in society and culture? For instance, discuss how the dance either reflected tends in society or rebelled against them. Was it taboo or accepted? Did this dance influence a change in culture or did it emulate the trends, morals, and thoughts of society in their time? 4) How is this social form seen in the present day? Is the form still practiced as it was originally? Have elements of the form morphed into a different dance style or fad dance? Is the form still popular or widely practiced and if so, where? Your presentation should summarize important information about your chosen social dance form. You will be required to use (4) separate outside resources for your research and include a bibliography of your sources. You MUST prepare a powerpoint for your presentation- it should be creative, unique, clearly organized, and must cover everything required for this assignment. Social Forms: Charleston Lindy Hop Tango Cumbia Twist Hustle Moonwalk/Gliding Bachata Square/Line Dance Salsa Cha-cha-cha Maypole Dance Irish Stepdance Vogue Dance East Coast Swing Tinikling (Philippines) Mambo Rumba Merengue Bollywood Cajun Waltz Dutty Wine Fan Dance Garba Hokey Pokey Watusi Attan Odori Students will be accountable for: Illustrating your understanding of the important dates, facts, characteristics, practice and overall content knowledge of the social dance form. Coordinating and integrating all components of research (4 resources) into a cohesive presentation. Using creative and engaging methods, including videos and photos. A clearly organized and academic presentation.

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