Short-Term IMC Program Plan

Additional instructions just for making more sense to you:

Company that you need to focus on: Vegemite, tell me if you need the previous assignment.

Be aware no more than 15 slides (I guess it’s PowerPoint), I’m not pretty sure the exact word count because it doesn’t require, but I estimated 1000 words. Tell me if there is need of more words, then I will make extra payment for additional words.

You may do some diagrams for some parts in PPT.


Information guideline for you (Week lectures are uploaded into attachment):

Part I

Objectives setting can be found at week 7 lecture

Target audience can be found at week 5 lecture

Part II

Choice of marketing communication mix: make sure it must be suitable for Vegemite’s case with restricted budget of $50 000, it’s not much money though, your choice. Choices can be found at week 8,9,10 lectures.

6-moths Media schedule: Reach, Frequency and Continuity can be found at week 11 lecture. It’s the major part of this paper, make sure the schedule is reasonable.

Part III

Campaign evaluation methods can be found at week 11 lecture. It’s a main part as well.

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