Selling the House

Summary (3 single spaced pages, Time New Roman/12 points) The paper is composed of three pages Ex) Taking the Principles of Marketing as Spring class in 2019, you are going to sell the house which you have owned or purchased, for you is going to move to another places or other countries with your lover as soon as you graduate from Southern University at New Orleans after 2 years and you think that the price of the house will go down. If you don’t own the house, you can find the house which you would like to sell via the internet site such as and then drop by that house. With the four Ps, develop or create a marketing strategy planning. Project Frame Instructions (MKTG 370 01/02)

1. Introduction a. Include the exact address of the house clearly (2240 Athis Street New Orleans, La 70122)

2. Body a. Include the strengths and weaknesses (in the inside of the house) as well as opportunities and threats (in the outside of the house) and then connect the strengths (weaknesses) with opportunities (threats). b. Include how to overcome the weaknesses and threats c. Include the 4 Ps or marketing mix that is product, price, promotion, and place clearly.

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