Results of the Research Project Part 1 As an initial


Results of the Research Project Part 1

As an initial response to the discussion topic please create a Power Point presentation consisting of 5-6 slides, plus the title slide, that contains the main results of all the topics from Part 1 of the Research Project.  What are some of your main takeaways regarding the company’s financial performance, your recommendations for the company’s financial stability, and what steps should be taken if any to improve the company financially? Please use any graphs or charts you feel are helpful and make the presentation pleasant by using appropriate formatting and slide designs.

In your responses to other students please present your opinion, with supporting rationale, regarding the company’s financial performance and stability based on the information presented and any additional information you may have to add. Please do not just repeat the information presented on the students’ slides but complete a bit of research and present your own findings and suggestions regarding this company.

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