Respond to a different group than the one you were


Respond to a different group than the one you were assigned. Compare and contrast the information shared in your group with how the ethical standards were explained by the other group.

  Note: The answer must meet the following aspects

Student addresses all parts of the response prompt and exceeds expectations by probing the topic and extending the conversation by considering diverse perspectives and/or material from resources that has not yet been discussed.

Student responds to one or more colleagues in a detailed, respectful manner. Response demonstrates a significant contribution to the Discussion through an in-depth response.

Response presents original ideas to the Discussion. Response provides specific examples or evidence from the colleague’s post to support or refine original ideas. 

Initial and response posts are mostly clear and coherent. Few, if any, errors in grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. Errors do not interfere with the clarity of ideas presented. Exceeds expectations by incorporating a professional writing style and tone to artfully communicate complex ideas.

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