Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Answers in simple words but not too basic. Answers should be supported with evidence from articles <5 years old. Respiratory Distress Syndrome(RDS) 1. Based on your current experience and what you have read, when should patients with RDS be managed with invasive mechanical ventilation? Support your answer with evidence from the text or with articles <5 years old. 2. What is the lowest pH that patients with RDS should be allowed to have before they are required to be intubated and placed on Mechanical Ventilation? What is the highest CO2 they should be allowed to have? 3. When should patients with RDS be extubated? Should they be placed on NCPAP or HHFNC? What helps you make this decision? 4. How does oxygen delivery for a patient with RDS differ from oxygen delivery for an adult? Why?

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