Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 6 (Social Dynamics, chapters 14-17)


Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 6 (Social Dynamics, chapters 14-17) and answer the following questions. 

1. Describe the difference between Family and Work as spheres of life. Pages 259-262

2. Summarize the problem of work and family conflict relevant to burnout.  Pages 262-264

3. The authors have stressed the importance of self-differentiation. How do they see that in terms of being a Christian. Pages 264-269.

4. What kinds of events bring stress to families? What is most stressful and why? Pages 270-2272

5. What resources help families deal with stress? Page 272-273

6. Discuss the essence of “coping” with family stress. Page 273-274

7. Summarize five stages of problem solving. Pages 274-275

8.  How do catastrophes differ from other stress-causing events? Pages 275-276

9.  What are four ways family members might share the burden of pain? Pages 277-278

10.  How can Christian faith potentially help a family through crises? What do the authors say about extremes? Pages 278-281

11.  Discuss the numerous causes of divorce. Pages 284-286

12.  Describe and explain the typical four-stage sequence of divorce. Pages 286-287

13.  What effect does divorce have on children? Pages 287-289

14.  What challenges are faced in a single-parent family? Pages 292-297

15.  What are the challenges faced by a reconstituted family? Pages 298-302

16.  What is a “binuclear” family, and what strategy might help bring success? Pages 303-313

NOTE: Pages might not be accurate, Please give a paragraph or more answers to the questions, not less than 100words for answer. 

Take reference from divorce and remarriage if needed.  

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