Rawi Abdelal, Yoshiko M. Herrera, Alastair Iain Johnston, and Rose

Analytical summary assignment n Please include the following in your one-page analytical summary of the article that you are assigned to present. n 1) Complete citation information , including full name of the author; title of book; publisher; and date/year of publication. n 2) The author’s research question(s) and main argument(s). n What is the theoretical and/ or empirical puzzle driving the study? n What are the dependent variable and independent variables? n How are they conceptualized and operationalized? n 3) Brief summary of the theoretical debates the author situates the study, including theme(s) and scope of article. n What are the existing perspectives on the question(s) driving the study? n What’s conventional wisdom and why does it have limits? n 4) Description of the evidence that the author presents to bolster his/ her main arguments, including research design and data (qualitative, quantitative, or experimental). n How is the study designed to test the author’s arguments? n What kind of data substantiate the author’s arguments? n 5) Your perspective on the study, including significant evidence to back it. n Do you buy the argument? n Why or why not?

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