Questionnaire: 1-What are Genes? 2-Describe what a chromosome is and



  1. 1-What are Genes?
  2. 2-Describe what a chromosome is and how are present normally in human beings?
  3. 3-Concepts for: Euploid cells, Diploid Cells, Aneuploid Cells? What is a Polyploidy?
  4. 4-What is a Trisomy and an example of it?
  5. 5-What means Homozygous and heterozygous in Mendelian Heritance?
  6. 6-Which are special features of X Linked genetic diseases?
  7. 7-What is a risk factor?
  8. Also, what is a congenital disease?
  9. Epigenetics and Mental Health.
  10. 10-DNA Methylation: why is important?

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