Purpose: This discussion board/forum is for students to critically think


This discussion board/forum is for students to critically think about the lack of paid maternity leave and how this impacts families.  How the idea of paternity leave benefits and challenges the institutions of the family.  The idea that paternity leave is another area that is the changing the institution of the family.  

  1. First, students will read the following articles (click on titles for articles)Fatherhood, Paternity Leave, and Facebook –Sociology in Focus , Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Paternity Leave Is Important for All , How America’s Lack of Paid Maternity Leave Worsens Inequality , and 5 Fun Facts About Today’s Single Fathers
  2. Next, students will respond to the following questions:
    1. Thinking about the following article; “Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Paternity Leave is Beneficial for All, analyze paternity leave from the perspective of Functionalism.  (a) What are three functions of paternity leave for families according to the article?  (b) What are other functions you can think of? (c) What are some dysfunctions you can think of?
    2. Although we are seeing some progress with paternity leave, maternity leave is still a major concern in the United States.  Using the following article; “How America’s Lack of Paid Maternity Leave Worsens Inequality (a) What are the three points made in the article that align with conflict theory? 
    3. According to the article, “5 Facts About Today’s Fathers”, (a) In addition to new policies for paternity leave, what are some other changes in fatherhood in the United States? (b) Do you know any fathers who reflect these changes?
  3. Lastly, find a classmate whose response to the article “Why Mark Zuckberg’s Paternity Leave is Important for All” about functions or dysfunctions for paternity leave differ from the functions or dysfunctions you indicated in your initial post.  When commenting about the differences do not just say I agree or disagree, explain why you chose the functions or dysfunctions you did and how they differ from your classmates.  Also, think about why your classmate chose a different functions or dysfunctions and a provide a comment about this.  

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