powerpoint You are a pre-kindergarten teacher in a school that


You are a pre-kindergarten teacher in a school that houses pre-kindergartners through 3rd-graders, many of whom come from low-SES families. It is your turn to plan the school’s quarterly Family Night, which is meant to both educate and entertain students, their parents, and their siblings. As you ponder the theme to use for Family Night, one of your students, a chubby boy named Michael, tells you his parents promised him a pound-bag of candy if they get a good report about his classroom behavior. You decide your theme is “Strong! Healthy! Superheroes!” You focus your opening informative talk on strategies for maintaining a healthy body weight as outlined in the NCFELD and Common Core State Standards and NC’s Essential Standards (NCFELD p.19). You will consider the alignment between NCFELD and Common Core as they relates to the following goals: 

NCFELD Health and Physical Development (HPD) 


  • When completing the weekly scenario, you must be sure to include both a focused assignment and a self-reflection. These must be clearly labeled using headings. Without the proper labels, I must assume that this step was not completed, and partial credit will be lost. 
  • Headings:
    • Focus Assignment
    • Self Reflection
  • A self-reflection is a thorough explanation of your focus assignment. The self-reflection must be written in paragraph format 

Rubric for Chapter Scenario: 100 Points Total

Focus Assignment: 50 Points

  1. Layout a Family Night plan using a bulleted list of at least seven talking points on the benefits of maintaining healthy body weight in a word document. Do not forget to include the self-reflection on this portion of the submission as well. 
  2. Then, create at least seven strategies shown as PowerPoint slides that can help students achieve this using the bulleted list as an outline for the presentation. Be creative in your presentation using relevant graphics. Remember that you will be sharing this presentation with families so you want it to me captivating. 

Self Reflection: 50 Points 

1. In your self-reflection,  for each item of your Family Night plan, explain how the issues addresses in the scenario are addressed using NCFELD as a guide to support healthy growth and development                                                

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