Please see attached and use all reading materials.  HSCO 509 Cultural Conversation Assignment Instructions Overview It is

Please see attached and use all reading materials. 

HSCO 509

Cultural Conversation Assignment Instructions


It is important for human resources professionals to be aware of their own cultural identities, acknowledge their values and beliefs, and be prepared to navigate situations involving cultural and value differences. The purpose of this assignment is to practice having a cultural conversation, experience being vulnerable in discussing cultural identities, recognize emotional responses, have a collaborative discussion about values and differences, recognize differences in experiencing care and support, and identify qualities of a therapeutic environment or relationship that would facilitate a positive working alliance. Understanding your own cultural beliefs and values can help to make you aware of potential biases and limitations and increase empathy without judgment.


Find a friend or colleague who is willing to have a cultural conversation of approximately one hour with you. Choose someone who represents a cultural identity that is different from your own (for example, ethnicity, military). This is an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. Explain that you are completing an assignment for Multicultural Issues in Human Services, that you will need to write about the conversation, and that you will use an alias, with no personally identifying information. Write a 4–5-page paper (not counting the title page and reference page). You do not need to write an abstract. Follow current APA professional style standards. Cite and reference our textbooks,
Cultural Humility, by Hook et al. (2017), and
Cultural Engagement (Chatraw & Prior, 2019) as sources used for support in your paper. You are encouraged to use Scripture as well (see the Writing Style Guide tab for how to cite and reference Bible versions you quote).

Begin with a brief paper introduction where you explain what the paper covers. Use the bold headings below to organize your paper.

In the first section,
Cultural Identity Conversation, begin by briefly describing the setting (not specific identifying information) and person you are meeting with; include the date, and beginning and end times. You must use an alias for the person you converse with, and state that this is an alias. Prepare approximately 4-8 questions you can ask about cultural identities and worldview. Each person should discuss important aspects of his or her cultural identity. Pay attention to the thoughts and emotions you have when you are talking and listening to the other person. Listen for a value difference or potential conflict. Summarize the interaction. One-two pages.

In the next section,
Value Differences Discussion, choose one value or belief difference or potential conflict that you noted when discussing cultural identities to discuss with your volunteer conversation partner. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions during this interaction. An example of a value difference could be the importance one places on independence and personal goals and dreams, or collectivistic family values. Summarize the interaction. One page.

In the third section,
Therapeutic Relationship, discuss and explain how the person you met with experiences care and support, what makes that person feel empathized with. Identify and discuss specific qualities you believe make for a therapeutic environment or relationship that would facilitate a cultural conversation and positive working alliance. One page.

End with a brief
Conclusion, where you summarize what you covered in your paper, and reflect on the experience. What did you learn about yourself in participating in this cultural conversation, thinking about cultural identity and value differences, and a therapeutic relationship that allows for a healthy cultural conversation?

Note: Your Week 5 assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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