Pick 50 medical terms (NOT 100 words) that you learned


Pick 50 medical terms (NOT 100 words) that you learned in class and create a case study in Word. The guidelines for this project are as follows: add more medical terms in this case and keep that word bold and underline those words. 

Final Assignment: Case Presentation on Topic: Marfan syndrome


Describe the Nature of the complaint, including location, intensity, and associated symptoms. 

Describe the History of the complaint, including details of the time and circumstances of the onset. Also, the evolution of the complaint.

Describe the Relieving and aggravating factors.

Patient history. 

Family history.

Summarize the Results of the Physical Examination.

List Tests/diagnostics that are ordered. (Do make it relevant to the condition;) 

List Diagnosis

Give some possible treatments. (Assume the patient lives long enough for treatment.)

Give the general Prognosis. for this kind of condition

List citations (give between 3 and 8) in APA format

Make it at least 200 words long but no more than 500 words (not including the citations). Use at least 40 medical terms and/or abbreviations. 

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