Part 2: Policy memo (5 pages single spaced) write about-Physicians


Part 2: Policy memo (5 pages single spaced)

 write about-Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 

· Introduction/Boilerplate – who are they , who do they represent, and what do they care about?

· Suggestions for Defining What is “Healthy” – which kinds of foods are included in this definition and which are excluded? What is the criteria? Is it only foods from certain categories? Is there a minimum amount of a certain nutrient that should be present in order to qualify to bear the term “healthy”? Are amounts of specific nutrients present in a food disqualifying? Should the nutrients be naturally present (intrinsic) or could fortified nutrients be considered?

· Other Issues – address the following questions posed by FDA:

o Would this change in the term ‘‘healthy’’ cause a shift in consumer behavior in terms of dietary choices?

o Is ‘‘healthy’’ the best term to characterize foods that should be encouraged to build healthy dietary practices or patterns? What other words or terms might be more appropriate (e.g., ‘‘nutritious’’)?

o How best will consumers know when a food is healthy – how would this group prefer to communicate “healthy” in food labeling? For example, simply using the word, a logo, or some other way?

· Closing – summarize your main points and reasons why to conclude your memo

· References – the policy memo should be supported by at least 5 peer reviewed scientific articles as references providing data and substantiation to facts, figures or arguments made in the memo. 

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