Organizational Minor Project 2

 Description Project: Consulting article: Details: Write a popular press article for a leadership or consulting journal that explores issues of diagnosing change, selecting the right tools, and appreciating the sense of urgency within the organization. Your article should engage the reader and offer insights into diagnosing a change in consulting engagements. This should not be a theoretical discussion but an applied piece that offers concrete examples and applications in a contemporary setting. Offer helpful tips, suggestions, and make recommendations that practicing consultants can immediately apply. Familiarize yourself with what the magazine or journal editors are looking for in submitted articles. Please submit the submission guidelines as part of this assignment. Note: If the submission guidelines request a 1,000-word article then write 1,000 words. If it requests 1,200 then write 1,200 words. This assignment will be graded in part on the submission guidelines that you submit.

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