Neurobiological effects on development of a mild traumatic brain injury

12-15 page paper plus cover page Apply up to date knowledge of neurobiological underpinnings associated with human brain development / change related to a specific environmental factor during a specific life stage or trajectory. Search for and critically analyze recent peer-reviewed neuroscientific research on your topic (the number of sources will vary by topic), and summarize what you learned about the neurobiological underpinnings of the factor, with implications for social work practice. select one of the following topics ( environmental factor is italicized):

1) Neurobiological underpinnings for the effects of prenatal maternal nutrition and breastfeeding on selected domain of infant development (e.g., speech and language, cognitive, growth);

2) Child neurobiological underpinnings of “best fit” parental temperament and child-rearing practices at specific brain development stages (e.g., neonatal, infancy, toddlerhood);

3) Neurobiological effects on development of a mild traumatic brain injury experienced between the ages of 18-25 in a typically developing human; 4) Implications of typical brain changes in aging for the effects of “best fit” social systems and environmental modifications for the elderly

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