MKTG 300 Brand Analysis and Recommendation Project: Market Analysis of


Seen, and done well

Seen, but

not developed

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The writer begins with a brief overview of the macro level, or “environmental scan.”








The “scan” develops to address a variety of perspectives on the market, e.g. tech forces, consumer trends, political issues, and more. 










The industry analysis discusses sales, trends, and market shares that includes competitors.








Research comes from credible sources recommended by AU Business Librarian and Subject Guides (i.e. Mintel, MarketLine, IBIS World, Hoover’s). Citations and “References” page follow APA rules.









The writer incorporates marketing terms to show knowledge of course concepts








The writer’s style has a clear and professional tone, using concise language and syntax to convey complex ideas









The writer’s organization flows logically from the overview to the end, reflecting a priority order of importance that respects the audience’s needs





The format, design, and length adhere to the assignment prompt








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