Minimum 17 pgs A copy of the assignment is attached.

Minimum 17 pgs

A copy of the assignment is attached. I’ve also attached a lot of resources that can be used, but you will need to find more.

For this assignment, students will be analyzing a major problem facing today’s juvenile justice system. 

Chosen Problem: Mental Health and Juvenile Justice

A central purpose of the project is to have you analyze, evaluate, and simulate the way the juvenile justice system has or has not addressed a problem and to propose a solution. The body of the assignment must include the following:

1. Please be sure to provide an introduction to summarize and define your topic, including a clear statement of the problem or issue of concern

2. In addition, you will need to select a social work based theoretical framework for your issue of focus and describe its relevance to the topic being discussed

3. There must be a discussion of the implications of proposed solutions for the juvenile justice system with regard to your topic

4. Provide an evaluation and any conclusions regarding possible methods of managing or addressing the problem your opinion on the issues raised—supported by research

Include references regarding current relevant research from a minimum of ten (15) peer-reviewed sources (outside of course material).

The assignment is expected to have content and thoughtful analysis of the topic on a graduate level. Sources should be a combination of scholarly works, textbooks, and primary sources. Please be sure to relate your subject to larger (broader) juvenile justice issues as found within the course readings.

This assignment will need to be typed, double-spaced with a cover pg, font should be Times New Roman size 12, and inclusive of traditional (normal) one-inch margins. 

For this assignment: (1) APA style must be used correctly, (2) All required relevant course readings and materials must be used, and (3) At least 15 scholarly sources used (beyond course materials). The assignment must be clear, well organized, and should be a minimum of 17 pgs not including the cover pg, references, and any other attachments.

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