Levels of Evidence Voice Thread

 Levels of Evidence VoiceThread Assignment This assignment showcases different level of evidence tools which could be used in daily practice to improve and support the evidence being used as a foundation for the health care practices. The student is expected to use the ranking tools to grade the assigned article. For the Module B assignment, please use the following article. Allen, S. (2018). The nurse-patient assignment process: What clinical nurses and patients think. MedSurg Nursing, 27(2), pp. 77-82 Each student will select one ranking tool to discuss within a VoiceThread presentation. The VoiceThread must be thoughtful, meaningful, informative, accurate, relevant to the topic, and demonstrates student learning. Video/audio should be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. References for the post are to be submitted to VoiceThread in writing as an attachment to the post. Within the VoiceThread presentation, the student is to provide a: Short overview of the selected ranking tool. Scoring of the assigned research article with rationales for why the scoring was determined Continued engagement is demonstrated by providing brief replies to two different colleagues related to a discussion about the effectiveness of a tool to your nursing practice setting. Replies are thoughtful, meaningful, relevant to the initial discussion, and demonstrates student learning. Video/audio replies should be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 2 minutes. References for the post are to be submitted in writing as an attachment to the post. A grading rubric is provided for use with this assignment.

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