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Lesson Sequence and Rationale

Length: 2,000 words including the rationale which should be up to 1,000 words

In this assignment you will design three sequenced and coherent lesson plans (each plan is for 60 minutes duration) suitable for either a stage 4 or 5 class. For this purpose, you need to use the English Lesson Planning Template (English Lesson Plan Template). The sequenced lessons are to include two short texts drawn from different modes or media (eg poem/short story/film trailer/ video-game trailer/picture book/ folk tale/ other short text of your choice) suitable to combine to teach one of the following textual concepts from the English Textual Concepts website (http://englishtextualconcepts.nsw.edu.au/content/narrative):

o Narrative

• You need to make sure your lessons demonstrate that you have engaged carefully with the progressions statements for the stage you have chosen.

• The sequenced lessons must include ONE lesson that combines both texts.

• Lessons must address specific Syllabus Outcomes and Content Points (English Syllabus Outcomes Stage 4 or 5). Remember that realistically it will be difficult to address in any useful way more than one or two Content Points per lesson.

• You need to prepare the full set of resources and lesson activities for all three lessons.

• You should include in the Evaluation section of the Lesson Planning Template how you could evaluate the success of the lesson in terms of student movement towards achieving the Syllabus Outcome(s) and Content Point(s).

• Submit a Rationale for the overall set of lessons which discusses:

     o what you are teaching

     o why you are teaching it

     o how you are teaching it

     o how it relates to your reading in this unit

• You must show evidence of reading in this section. Reading could include:

o chapters from Charged with Meaning (eg chapters from among Chs. 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 22, 28, 30 on teaching different sorts of texts)

o chapters from Charged with Meaning (eg chapters from among Chs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 on different ‘models’ of English

o chapters from The Artful English Teacher (eg Ch 1 on teaching textual concepts) o other readings from the extensive unit Bibliography.


 Please refer to ‘Assessment Details’ attached file.

-This is 3 lesson plans with a rationale.

-I have provided you with the lesson plan template under (English Lesson Plan Template).

-I have also attached the outcomes that must be used, which is part of the NSW English Syllabus under (English Syllabus Outcomes Stage 4 or 5).

– I have also attached the reading needed to used  under ()

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