It is a research paper: The disease that I chose

It is a research paper: The disease that I chose is Leukemia

Biology 61                Genetic Disease Research Paper

Please write a three-page paper on a genetic disease you find interesting. The topic can be any disease of your choosing as long as it has a genetic component, but it must be approved first.

Follow these guidelines for your paper:

  • Technical Guidelines:
    • Length: At least 3 double-spaced pages.
      • This should be length of the body of your paper, as in your name, date, and title of paper does not take up a large portion of this.
    • Font: Times or Times New Roman, size 12
    • Margins: 1 inch on all sides
  • Topic: Describe all of the following that are applicable for your topic:
    • The name of the disease
    • The inheritance pattern of the disease
    • The location of the gene or genetic abnormality (which chromosome)
    • An OMIM (MIM) number associated with the gene or phenotype
    • The function of the gene in a healthy person
    • How the defective allele causes the disease
    • The symptoms of the disease
    • Any treatments/cures for the disease
    • Any other interesting information about the disease
    • If the disease is not purely genetic (ie, it is multifactorial) please include other factors that contribute to the disease.
  • References: You must have at least three references. There are some important guidelines about the kinds of references you must use for this report:
  • At least one of your references must be from a periodical source. Newspapers, magazines, and scientific journals are all excellent sources. Online versions of these are also acceptable.
  • At least one reference must be from the Internet, but BE CAREFUL! Anyone can create and publish a website, so information on the Web may not be as reliable as print sources. Make sure that any reference you use is a reliable source. (How can you know?)
  • Textbooks, books and encyclopedias may not be used as any of your three primary sources (this includes Wikipedia!). They may be used to help you choose or learn more about a topic, and you should include them in your bibliography if you use them.
  • Be sure to properly cite all of your references on a Bibliography page. Citations should be done using APA format. Please see the attached APA citation format sheet. 
  • In addition to your bibliography, please make sure you include citations in the text. These are essential any time you are using facts or opinions that are not your own, or are not generally accepted information. When in doubt, cite! Please see the attached APA citation format sheet for this, or ask for help.
  • Plagiarized papers will receive a score of zero. Please ask for help to avoid plagiarism if needed.

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