In this assessment, you should prepare a poster presentation (1500


In this assessment, you should prepare a poster presentation (1500 words, A1 size). The presentation should identify TWO key leadership and management challenges that you have experienced within your organisation or using a case study organisation.

The poster should consider why these are key issues and how they impact on the organisation. You should also consider if the organisation could have avoided these issues and/or if they could have been managed differently (for example during Covid-19)

For guidance some areas that you could consider are: 

a. Leading and Managing virtual teams

b. Motivating Employees during time of unprecedented change

c. Employee Wellbeing

d. Ensuring employee productivity and performance

e. Managing Conflicts and Negotiations

f. Ensuring employee readiness (Training and Development) 

g. Managing change


This list is not conclusive, you should only select TWO area that you would like to focus on. 

You should link most recent theories related to the chosen areas of challenges and on leadership and management to support your arguments and to make your work compatible with the level 7 expectations. 


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

c. Recognise, analyse and respond to the Inter-relationship of associated topics in HRM and Organisational Behaviour 

d. Evaluate a range of options to select and justify the most appropriate opition considering contextual and organisational dimentions 

e. Autonomously initiate and communicate complex concepts through an appropriate format

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