Give an example of an environmental cue that can

  1. Give an example of an environmental cue that can impact how a person spends money.
  2. How can a person harness the power of pre-commitment, for example, with their tax return?
  3. Identify a transition moment you could use to implement a new savings plan.
  4. According to Ms. De la Rosa, what small, frequent purchases made by most people interfere with their savings and cause regret?
  5. Once a person has identified the ways they are wasting money instead of spending it, what can they do?

1.  When it comes to investments, does Boudreaux believe your age should dictate your risks?

2.  What does Boudreaux say is the purpose of having a savings account?


  1. What are credit cards? Why do people use them?
  2. What is interest? How does interest affect credit card purchases?
  3. What are the benefits of using a credit card? What are the drawbacks of using a credit card?
  4. In the case files section, four people pay a different price for the same digital music player? Why do the prices they paid differ? Explain the factors that affected each person’s ultimate cost for the music play.
  5. Which of the individuals made the best use of their credit card? Which made the worst? Why?
  6. What should you look for when choosing a credit card?
  7. What is a “grace period”? How can it help you manage a credit card wisely?
  8. What are three strategies that you can use to use credit cards wisely?

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