How do your contexts help enable and constrain your readings of these

Please follow the directions and ensure you satisfy the criteria. Respond to one of the texts we encountered for class. Describe and analyze how your personal contexts act as a lens for your reading and how that lens reveals another level of discussion with the text’s ideas. Your essay must: Summarize and respond to the author’s ideas. Consider: How do your contexts help enable and constrain your readings of these works? How are your emotional and intellectual responses informed by your own personal experiences? WRITING GOALS ● to engage in the writing process and thereby gain awareness of writing options & their effects

● to analyze and discover new insights in dialogue with a reading ● to fairly represent a writer’s ideas through summary, paraphrase, quotation ● to develop a critical and purposeful response to a published text ● to tailor writing (content, form, style) to an academic audience ● to cite one source in-text and in a works cited page using MLA style Maybe think in terms of “What?” “So What?” and “Now What?” Maybe summarize, then paraphrase, then quote as you zoom in on the element your interested it. Maybe use a reverse outline of the entire essay to pick apart and explain their reasoning. Maybe you have a “Way of Responding” in mind; shape your presentation of the text to aid that purpose. Focus on summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting the text.

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