“Hills Like White Elephants

 Development Is there a thesis statement?* Do all arguments support this thesis?If this project has a research component, does allthe research used here help support the thesis?*A thesis statementis a sentence, usually at or near the end of the first paragraph, that specificallytells the reader what the paper is going discuss and/or prove. Everythingin the paper should focus on supporting the thesis. If something doesn’t, it should be removed.II. Organization/Clarity Is the organization*clear?Is there a definitive introduction, body, and conclusion?Does each body paragraph focus on a single idea that supports the thesis?Does each and every sentence make sense?*A paper can be organizedin a number of ways, such as chronologically, spatially, or in order of importance. Whichever way is chosen, the organization needs to be clear, logical, and always designed to help prove the thesis.III. MechanicsHas this paper been carefully reviewed by the writer andoutside readers for errors in grammar?Has this paper been carefully reviewed by the writer andoutside readers for spelling errors?Has this paper been carefully reviewed by the writer andoutside readers for errors in punctuation? Writing Through Literature10IV.ComplianceDoes the paper address the assignment and follow all directions?Does the paper follow the appropriate conventions for academic writing (e.g. MLAor APA) as required by the instructor? Research PaperStudents will compose a 5-7page, research-based, interpretive analysis of one of the works of literature covered in this course. This analysis should be much more in-depth than that of the short essays.Students should develop a thesis and support it via the primary text(s) and secondary research. Please refer to the “Essay Rubric” below for an explanation on how this assignment is evaluated/assessed.

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