Goal: Create a daily planning sheet. Please use the attachment

Goal: Create a daily planning sheet. Please use the attachment and assignment instructions as guidance

   At the end of a child’s day, parents usually want to know everything their infant did that day. They want to know what their infant ate, when he slept, when he had a diaper change, and how he played. They want to know about the kinds of interactions he had with his teachers and peers and when he laughed, smiled, or cried. Consider how the teacher could best share this information with parents in writing. In  addition, provide suggestions about infant development for parents to  try at home that are supported by academic research articles. Develop a form that the teacher could use to share important information with parents. The  format should share all of the important information in a manner that  promotes a positive and supportive relationship with the parents.   Finally, write about how daily routines (that are listed on the daily  sheets) become learning opportunities and times for meaningful conversations and  interactions that shape positive relationships.  These interactions are  part of a positive relationship that must be established over time.   

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