Gender role specialization

Description This essay is for sociology course (sociology of the family). Think strategically about this assignment to show what you have learned from reading material. The book the second shift that writer need to find the summary by yourself from the website to understanding since I don not have the ebook or PDF. The requirements are in the additional files (Prompts and ORGANIZATION OF THE PAPER), please read them first. In the prompts, there are five questions that need to be answered. They are pretty much about how social changes impacted the gender role specialization in the US before 1950s and after. We do not need outside sources. Only course readings should be enough. Cited page is not necessary, but please do mind ASA FORMAT FOR CITING QUOTES AND KEY IDEAS (please read ORGANIZATION OF THE PAPER for details). The following are some of the highlights in Prompts. In this essay, explain why it is important to understand the ideology of gender role specialization in social context. What greater insights into family dynamics might be gained from taking a sociological perspective on gender role norms? How might a family benefit from a more flexible understanding of gender norms? Note that this essay is NOT a criticism of male breadwinner/female caretaker families. Rather, you are looking at social and economic factors that have made this arrangement less feasible for many families. In terms of grading, the readers and I will generally be looking for presentation of argument and evidence that you have learned course material. When evaluating “creative voice” the readers and I are not expecting you to present a profoundly original perspective in this essay, but we would like to see that you have given the topic enough thought to make the material your own. It is not necessary to attach a Work Cited page to this essay unless you refer to material not assigned in the course readings.

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