Gabapentin is a novel anti-seizure medicine that works in conjunction

Gabapentin is a novel anti-seizure medicine that works in conjunction with other anti-seizure medications like Pregabalin to anti-seizure therapies. Based on anecdotal data it shows that it may also aid in the relief of mood symptoms in persons suffering from bipolar disorder. There is currently no strong evidence that gabapentin can be used to treat bipolar disorder. Gabapentin was proven to be ineffective in high-quality, randomized controlled trials. Gabapentin is used to treat nerve pain, withdrawal from alcohol and cocaine, restless leg syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and seizures (Ng et al., 2021).

               PMHNPs diagnose, treat, and prescribe drugs to patients suffering from mental illnesses, medical organic brain diseases, or substance abuse issues as highlighted by Hong et al., (2021). The PMHNP develops advanced knowledge and professional abilities in psychiatric-mental health diagnosis and treatment, including psychotropic drug prescription, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, crisis intervention, case management, and consulting.

               Gabapentin looks to provide some help for anxiety disorders but did not demonstrate any benefit in studies for bipolar disorder. Benefits are most likely related to anxiolytic effects in the particular patient with a mixed psychiatric condition. The FDA authorized it in December 1993 for the following primary applications. Gabapentin, however, has been used off-label in psychiatry since its introduction to treating patients with treatment-resistant mood and anxiety disorders, as well as alcohol withdrawal and post-traumatic stress disorder (Hong et al., 2021).

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