follow the assignment rubrics attached and answer the questions below:

follow the assignment rubrics attached and answer the questions below:


6.2 Module 6 Case Study Analysis

Attached Files:

After reading the case study in Module 6,

  1. Describe Allison’s experience with respect to the major topics from the PowerPoint and textbook:
    1. Social learning theory
    2. Stages of learning
    3. Cognitive processing and academic performance
    4. Attributes of success and failure
    5. Learned helplessness
  2. Based on this analysis, how might this scenario have had a different outcome?
  3. What actions might both teachers have taken to make this more a successful experience?
  4. How might planning in accordance with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) change this picture?

Please submit a one-page analysis in response to the questions above. This analysis must be grounded in the case study. Assume that your audience is already familiar with the case, eliminating the need for background information. No need for any header information…begin your answer on line one of your page. There should be strict adherence to the 1 PAGE MAXIMUM.The analysis will be graded on the basis of (10 points per item) : 

  • does the answer reflect familiarity with the case study-
  • does the answer reflect knowledge and/or application of the concepts outlined in the reading     
  • Grammar/Technical components (including APA 7th edition guidelines)
  • Adherence to assignment guidelines (length and formatting as directed)

ONLY ANSWER THE QUESTION(S) ASKED.Reference:Learners with Mild Disabilities: A Characteristics Approach, Enhanced Pearson 5th Edition By Eileen B. Raymond Published by Pearson, p. 280 – 281. Copyright © 2017 ISBN-10: 0-13-382711-9; ISBN-13: 978-0-13-382711-8 

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