EAT103-Engineering Mechanics-Assignment 1

Experimental Procedure – Beam Modulus

1. Find the three beams of different materials (Aluminium, Brass and Steel) but of the same dimensions (9.5 mm x 3 mm). The aluminium beam weight less than the other two and the brass beam has a golden colour.

2. For each beam, use the Dial Calliper Gauge (supplied with the kid) to accurately measure the beam dimensions (b and d). Calculate the I values for the beam and note this and the other beam properties into your results table 1-3.

3. Fit the aluminium beam to the supports. 4. Adjust the Dial indicator and Wire ‘stirrup’ along to the middle of the beam (180 mm). 5. Set and zero the Dial indicator. 6. In increments of 100 g, add weights up to a maximum of 500 g. Each time you add a weight. Tap the work panel to reduce the effects of friction. Record the deflection at each weight increment. 7. Calculate the load in Newton and calculate the results of the equation shown in the table 1. 8. Rearranging the equation in the form y = mx+c means that the gradient of a chart of W against ସ8 δI

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