E233 EMA: Psychological issues affecting performance in sport and

Associated study topics: Study Topic 2 – Psychological issues affecting performance in sport and exercise; Found on E233-18J Home click on- All, Study Topic 4 – Special topics in sport and exercise psychology; Weinberg and Gould chapter 19 Study Topic 5 – Psychological skills training Weinberg and Gould chapter 11

Weinberg and Gould chapter resources can be found on dark blue bar under Resources, then to Online module textbooks.


Imagine you are assisting a qualified sport psychologist with designing and implementing an intervention for an injured athlete. You have been provided with a case study and supporting evidence (provided below) for Brodie who is an elite swimmer (the sport psychologist has anonymised her details to protect her identity). Write a report detailing the relevant psychological issues that may be affecting Brodie’s performance and suggest a suitable psychological intervention programme in order to help her manage her emotional and cognitive states.

Your report should be split into 3 parts:

Introduction (600 words/20 marks): Highlight the key psychological issues that you think need to be addressed in order to help Brodie.

Psychological intervention programme (2000 words/70 marks): Write a detailed account of the intervention programme you would suggest for Brodie. You should identify which intervention strategies would be most beneficial to Brodie and why, and explain how these could be implemented

Conclusion (400 words/10 marks): Summarise and reflect on what you anticipate the impact of the implemented programme would be.

Plus Brodie’s case study.

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