Define the Working Hypothesis of Etiology

As social workers, we are often in the position to identify problems or issues that exist within our community that are not being addressed or are not being addressed adequately due to any number of reasons. Social Work practice at the macro level allows us to not only identify and address issues that affect organizations and/or communities, but also often requires us to partner with others as we attempt to ameliorate or resolve the identified problem or issue. This assignment will build on the Macro Practice Paper (assignment #1) where you identified a problem within your community (I will attach Part 1 which identifies the problem within my community). With this assignment you will utilize the following framework to develop an intervention. Based on the problem you previously identified within your community; Task 1: Develop the Intervention Hypothesis a) Refine the Working Hypothesis of Etiology b) Refine the Working Intervention Hypothesis Task 2: Define Partici a) Identify the following: i) The Initiator System ii) The Change Agent System: iii) The Client System iv) The Support System v) The Controlling System vi) The Host and Implementing System vii) The Target System viii) The Action System Task 3: Examine System Capacity for Change a) Assess openness and commitment to change b) Determine availability of resources to sustain the change effort c) Identify outside opposition to change d) What might be the “costs” to doing nothing? Task 4: Select a Change Approach a) Select a policy, program, project, personnel or practice approach – what approach (or combination of approaches) is most likely to achieve the desired change?

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