Connecting research To self (in Adult Education)

Using the readings and content from sessions 1-4, explore your own positionality with respect to the general aims and types of research, as well as the need for congruency in adult education contexts. Develop a title, purpose, problem, and research question (different from those in the forum) that relate to your own positionality. Use the criteria from Agee (2009) and Newman and Covrig (2013). What would you like to research? How does your research connect to who you are?

How does it connect to your underlying philosophy in relation to types of research (i.e., qualitative and quantitative, positivist and interpretive) and aims of research (practical, abstract, understanding, implications)? How does it connect to theory? Include quotations and references throughout. Papers will be APA, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced, 4-5 pages . As with all assignments, papers should be grounded in adult education theory and research, well organized with a detailed thesis statement, well-developed body, and strong conclusion, all of which should draw on supporting evidence and references as relevant. Do not use Wikipedia or associated sites, but use academic research to support your argument.

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