Comparative Religion

Two assignments in one assignment, below  it is explained how you have to answer and what the questions are. First two pages; First watch the movie, “The Lord of the Flies” the question is as follows: What are the circumstances that make it possible to begin to construct a new ethical system? What are some of the key elements of the Hunter’s new ethical system? Please describe it using examples. What elements of religion (if any) do we see in the Hunters group? Please explain. So, how  would you go about answering it is maybe talk a little bit about what the boy’s previous ethical system might have been like. We know from the movie they are in some sort of military academy (some of the boys call the older boys officer names) so there is some sort of military discipline/ethics in place. But then things slowly start to change. Piggy introduces the idea that everybody can have a voice so long as they are holding the conch (the seashell). At that time, they still are recognizing Ralph as their leader because he is the higher ranking officer in the academy (even though Jack is older than Ralph) but maybe there is a moment where the boys actually have something like a “democracy” where everyone has a voice. It is generally decided and agreed upon by everyone that they need to have some sort of division of labour. The injured pilot needs to be looked after, food needs to be found, a signal fire needs to be kept burning so they can get rescued, etc., etc. That discipline disintegrates over time when the boys discover the island has pigs and Jack and some of his friends decide they don’t want to keep the fire watch or do anything other than hunt for pigs. This causes an antagonism between Ralph and Jack. Jack no longer cares about getting rescued. He likes it on the island because there are no adults and no one telling them what to do. . . As Jack begins to build his own group, (the Hunters) they institute a system of harsh discipline. One boy is held and whipped for stealing. Jack makes the boys call him “the Chief” and when one of the boys wanders into a cave hunting for pigs, he discovers a “monster” (who is really the injured pilot who has wandered off to the cave). The boy stabs the “monster” with his spear and runs back to tell Jack and the group that there is a monster in the cave. Jack uses the idea of there being a monster on the island to keep his group subservient to him. One night on the beach, his Hunters actually kill Simon who they mistake for being the “monster”. After that, Jack tells them that the monster is not dead but can take any form and can come at any time! Jack seems to have made a position for himself something like a priest/king. He is the only one who knows what the monster is and he is the undisputed leader of the Hunters. He is the one who determines what punishments and rewards should be handed out, etc. Well, that should be more than enough to get you started. __________________________________________________________________________ The second two pages: First, watch the movie “Prisoner Of The Mountains” Prisoner Of The Mountains (1996) pt. 1: Prisoner Of The Mountains (1996) pt. 2 The questions are as follows: Using the framework of our discourse, define the systems of ethics present in the movie (ethics of virtue/ethics of David Hume, ethics of duty: rational, traditional/religious). Give the examples from the movie. Which characters you would associate (mostly) with those systems of ethics? Talk about at least three characters. Are there any ethical principles in the movie which are, in your opinion, informed by religion? Explain and give examples.

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