Cognitive Development is affected by both nature and nurture – taking either Piaget or Vygotsky, and explain the key concepts

Take any two of the Social Theories (Erikson, Bandura or Bronfenbrenner) and explain them in detail; compare them as you apply them to the “subject” (person you are studying for your Group project). Make sure to include all the key concepts of the specific theory with suitable examples.


Freud’s model of Psychoanalysis is a classic model of development in Psychology even today, despite the controversies that surround it. Explain it in detail with examples.


The Behavioral Theories of Learning centers on the models of Conditioning – Classical and Operant. What are the main differences between them as they play out and affect human development? Explain.


Cognitive Development is affected by both nature and nurture – taking either Piaget or Vygotsky, and explain the key concepts.



Trace the main changes in physical development from early adulthood into late life. What are some practical perspectives that one can foster to enjoy better health at this phase of life?

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