Choice between economic nationalism and protectionism


They are to be three to four (3-4) page papers. The purpose is to be concise and precise. PLEASE DO NOT USE METAPHORS. For example, do NOT say things like “Walmart kills small businesses.” (Walmart did not pick up a knife and stab the other business.) I am looking for your thought processes and reasoning, not necessarily a particular conclusion. In essence I want to see if you are engaging in the economic way of thinking.

Some say that in 2016 we were presented with a choice between economic nationalism and protectionism on one hand and the promise of the government taking an even larger role in our economy on the other. Our textbook argues that the true foundations to economic growth come from good institutions. For this week’s written assignment you are to write a three to four page paper examining the two 2016 choices. Are either of them good economic policies? Why or why not? Then please explain what the textbook presents as necessary economic foundations. Do either of the two 2016 choices reflect the textbook’s recommendations? If so how? Or explain where they fall short. 

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